Shauntay President

In 2007, I had to have spinal cord surgery to remove a tumor that was growing around my spinal cord. At the time I lived in Lawrence, Kansas and worked at University of Kansas Hospital.

I was told I would be out of work for at least 6 months and that I would need to take FAMLI leave in order to secure my job – and that I would be receiving 60% of my wages while on FAMLI.

I was so thankful to get some of my wages, as I still had to maintain my household: rent, food, utilities and medical bills. Without the FAMLI policy in place that allowed employees like me to get at least part of our wages, I would have lost my home and everything that supported my living style.

Unfortunately, life and bills do not stop because a person has a medical condition that requires them to be absent for work.

By passing the FAMLI Act to allow employees to receive part of their wages, you will be helping someone maintain their economic stability while dealing with the constraints of a medical condition(s). This person will at least be able to have some sort of income and will not have to worry about if they could become homeless or end up bankrupt.

I was so grateful for partially paid FAMLI leave when I was recovering from surgery – it kept me/my family afloat during a very difficult time.

My condition it still ongoing, and without family and medical leave insurance for workers in Colorado I am more hesitant to get the medical treatment I need because I know I will not have any income during my recovery. It is a shame that me and families like me have to make health care decision based on whether or not I will have any income to pay my rent while I must be out of work to heal.

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