community stories

Abby Sandoval

 My name is Abby and I live in Manassa, Colorado. I’ve been working for the school district in the business office, for almost a year now, though I used to be an English teacher. The school is really small; they only have 38 full time employees and a handful of […]

Lin Nestler

 Early in 2012 my family and I were happy and excited to welcome a new grandbaby, but three weeks after delivery, my daughter was back in the hospital with MRSA.  She proudly serves in the US Air Force and with a school age son for her husband to take care […]

Shelby Ramirez

 Everyone has a sick family member to care for at some point – so it’s critical to have Family Leave Insurance or other paid leave so families can stay afloat while dealing with family illness. I almost didn’t make it when I needed to care for my daughter recovering from […]